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Since OCD Crow was a child, she has been besotted by not only the musically luminous sounds of words but by juxtapositions, lines, swirls, jagged edges, the crash of opposing visuals, the sleek furlings and swoopings of perspective and dimension. This is a photo from the top of Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. The blue, brown, green, white all sings but what truly kapows the mind is the lolloping of the snow as it loops against the treeline, tracing the rockery and then sliding down the hill in a sharp finger of dark against the bright & chill. Then too the slight puffs of cloud making the sky seem harder, darker. The way the trees slant forward, shaped as echoes of the wind. Hours after this picture was snapped, the Crow remained content. A composed balance compelled. The day etching itself into this one ideal design.