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Placket Asperous



I didn’t mean to make you into a robot said the furniture

On a morning where

The far distant factories resemble rotted molars beneath a fuscous sky

And the cat

Coils its thick comma in my lap as I drink black java that is friendly, that is certified.

Relationships are never a straightforward

Gargle with Listerine but require realignments of the chassis and idiolects

On an irregularly scheduled basis.

What’s this business of being in love as if unless we always feel

Like crawling inside each others’

Gut buckets and whistling Figaro the contract to compost together is somehow void.

It’s been a while since

I was elated said the futon to the self-cleaning oven and welcome

To depression could be the reply

Or hello adulthood though there are crows twisting back to the river like wily

Licorice Niblets and you don’t really want to jeté

Over the balcony do you knowing precisely how long it took for them to cart away

The stained mattress

Left at the intersection of Lovers’ Lane & Lost Lagoon.

by Paul Saturley