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What is a Marrow Review? 

Marrow, definition: 

a. The inmost, choicest, or essential part; the pith.
b. Strength or vigor; vitality.
The concept behind this new, random feature called Marrow Reviews is simple. To write a short entree into a text, more often than not a book of Canadian poems, that is neither an overview nor a slag. These reviews won’t tell you what the book is “about” and that’s that. Neither will they aim to tear the work to into little critical bits. At the same time, they don’t want to be nice per se. Instead, Marrow Reviews wants to tell you what shines in a book, what stumbles and what the book perhaps reminds this reader of in terms of other sources/influences or just plain subjective echoes. To get inside the book fast and to give you the gist as it is seen by one particular reader who has read enough poetry in her lifetime to have some sense of what sings and what sags. Then you, another potential reader, can take it from there. Mostly, I plan on reviewing two books at once. Many will be first books or under-appreciated books or maybe seemingly over-recognized ones, though this doesn’t happen enough in the grim realms of Canadian poetry. Just slipping another engaged voice into the far-too hushed discussion of Canadian poetry & poetics. & waiting to see what emerges. Image