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by The Lyrical Outlaws, a renegade poem-song duo from New Westminster/Vancouver, BC.

They are Catherine Owen: poems/lyrics & alto/kooky vocals.

& Diane Barbarash: guitar & sweet/awesome vox.

Other tracks will contain bass, drums, recitation and so forth.

On Geese, Diane plays a Fender American Strat w/Bluebird mic. Catherine is using an AT 2020 Compressor mic and Studio One. The song was mixed by Diane using Adobe Audition. The video was shot by Catherine with a Canon Rebel and edited with Video Pad using the Old Film effect.

Geese (the poem)

They do not fly in that perfect vee of childhood/ Anymore, but in clumps, gristly bits, one or two shifting hard/ To sustain a rhythm amid electrical wires, others/ Falling into a slack skipping rope over the river./ And still the crying going on. /I told you yesterday I would write a poem/ That does not plummet once into nostalgia, /Just one, but it seems I cannot. /There is nothing in me that is not somehow/ Old & looking back, upon a child/ Who was already old & looking back too.

GEESE (the song)

1/They don’t fly/ in that perfect vee Of childhood/ anymore But shift hard/ to avoid this world A world they/should not see

CHORUS: Over the river they fly Between our wires & our towers And the crying going on And the crying going on.

2/I told you once /I would write a poem That has no sorrow/ for our loss in it But it seems I cannot/ give you this gift This eye/after the storm.

CHORUS BRIDGE: I see them hover/over trees and sun/ through rain and summer/never breaking this sad song.

3/I see the geese/ passing through As if I were/ a child who is/ already old A child/born from the cold And looking back too