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The Deep Art Economy

has nothing to do with money or prizes though we need one to live and the other, it sometimes seems, to be valued by the community. No, the deep art economy is about collaboration and response. When we work together to create art, we expand our own boundaries of making and are able to imagine and manifest visions that were previously impossible. Then, when we respond to another’s work of art, whether solo or collaborative, whether in person or by commenting on their online creations, we are engaging in a vital kind of collective process, offering our critical tools to enable the artist to enlarge their abilities or our essential enthusiasm to feed their spirit in all the dark nights of the world’s general indifference. Though it can be hard to find time to respond to anything in this image-riddled and sound-byte violent society, it is one of the artist’s imperatives, especially within their own circle of compatriots. When the deep art economy functions well it enables the artist to endure much financial poverty, the sorrow of their materials and the sense imposed on them of their uselessness. It is an economy of mutual joy.