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The Importance of Annual Sojourns

This is a photo of I and renowned (well as much as one can be in this country) Canadian poet and artist, Joe Rosenblatt. Pretty much every year since 1995 I have been visiting him and his wife Faye Smith in their ocean-side home at Qualicum Beach in BC. I stay for 4 or 5 days usually in the attached suite, often in July or August, though I’ve also gone in December for his birthday, sometimes alone or with other close friends or family members. We quaff vino on the patio, eat his memorable scrambled eggs, pat his brood of felines, chat about this n that, walk up to the Village or along the shoreline and relax in Faye’s gorgeous garden. Once or twice I fished with him. And we regularly work on a collaboration of some sort while I’m there. I look forward to this brief respite each year. And honour this rare connection to a lifelong maker.