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What they don’t tell you about grief.


Did they tell you anything?


Funerals were mute on what now with their innocuous sandwiches, reminiscences

from the pulpit, rhetoric-coloured memories, embalmed flowers.


Perhaps then a small moment of weeping.


And after, the weeks, months and so on?


What they don’t tell you about grief is almost everything.


There are no packaged stages; no set timelines.


In that doubled darkness – the loss, this silence – you continue your piecework

of a life – most do at least – and the years are supposed to pass into forgetful


happiness – O yes, they tell us this – that “time heals all wounds” – a lie

of course, not that it gets worse, harder, but in some way no one shares with you,


it does – there is no protection from forever after awhile – and so every day

starts with that sad, hungry gong – gone always, always gone – there is no


consolation for this – the grey light begins and with it,


what they did not tell you about grief.