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Even though I am a writer and must sit still for lengthy periods of time each day to create, as a human I am agitated by staying in one place. I like itinerancy, gypsying, vagabonding, dancing, thrashing about. Sometimes I work with a photographer who is intrigued by the motions I can make. As with this picture. Where I am hair-whirling beneath the crenellated arches of the Patullo Bridge in New Westminster, BC, orange clashing into blue and the clouds agreeing with the darker streaks of tresses slashing in contrasting directions. 

Or this one, in which not only my body in movement but the camera itself, whipped up or sideways at the instant of clicking, made the whirl. ImageI become green and bark here but also sap and the whip whip of leaves in the brisk wind. This is closer to a truth than standing, posing, holding a perception. One is always shifting. There is never a moment of total calm and stasis. Humming, ever, the blood. 

Photographer Name: Chris Berio
Experience as Professional Photographer:   15 years
Nikon  Equipment : D800, D700 and  D300